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Intellectual Curve
How to interpret the results from a biorhythm calculation

Intellectual High:
Analytical, logistical, and concentrative abilities are at upper levels. This is a prime time for creative thinking, composing, writing, decision-making. This is a good time for abstract reasoning, verbal fluency, understanding new concepts, number ability, memory manipulation, and for facing new challenges, taking on new work assignments. This is also a time of possible frustrations if opportunities for intellectual expansion are limited or missing.


Intellectual Critical:
On the critical day in the intellectual cycle, there is a tendency to avoid making necessary decisions and to hastily improvise acceptable answers to situations. Mental carelessness can often cause a disregard for personal safety and survival. Mental Depression and a lower threshold to health hazards are also potential dangers.

Verbal fluency-an Attribute of intelligence-may be decreased or restricted. The faculties of abstract reasoning, number ability, and memory appear to be lessened. Misplacement of valuables and forgetfulness are common. Often, there is a disregard for consequences: thus, the man who can't swim goes boating; the homemaker with a sore back decides to move the piano to another location. lf it is possible to "think before leaping," this is the time to do it. Despite these more frequent negative factors, either success or failure in academic or intellectual pursuits is possible on this day, since one's intellectual acuity is alterable in either direction by the imbalanced state. Mental control through awareness and alertness is important at these times. The opportunity to reach new heights, to have a day of intellectual, creative brilliance-to have that one stroke of genius that could change your life, are all entirely possible.


Intellectual Low:
Your ability to move into new intellectual fields is lessened at this time. Decision-making, judgments, and concentration on tasks may all be frustrating or difficult during this period. Impulsive, spur-of-the-moment actions with regrettable consequences are possible. Loss or relinquishment of cautions or protective inclinations may occur. Depressed or exhausted mental states are also possible.


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