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Physical Curve
How to interpret the results from a biorhythm calculation

Physical High:
Your energy, vitality, and strength are at full tide. Your physical system is able to withstand shock, injury, or stress at this time. Sexual drives are above normal. At the same time, physical forces may be overly strong with a danger of overexertion or susceptibility to reckless, aggressive activities.


Physical Critical:
In general, you can tire more easily, quickly. There may be some impairment of your physical control or strength with a potential for accidents or mishaps in the home, office, or car. A lessening of the body's protective senses increases the dangers of exertion, exhaustion, and possible injury. Relax, get added rest. Give extra attention to physical comforts and aids, such as proper lighting, frequent relaxation periods, that will make your day easier. Avoid activities where large amounts of energy are required-for most people, not a good day to start spring cleaning, mowing the lawn, or playing a strenuous game of tennis.

During health crises, a physical critical can signal a recurrence of problems-a possible heart attack, stroke, etc. lf you have a particular health problem, it is a good time to curtail physical activities that require a large expenditure of energy.

In extreme cases, sensory deprivation may occur, with a consequent neglect for personal safety as exhibited in acts of either extreme bravery or foolhardiness. For those who participate in sports frequently or for the professional' athlete, performance hangs in the balance-it can be your best or worst day. Try to be extremely aware of your physical potential during this unstable time; intensify mental concentration to control and extend your physical capabilities for maximum performance and possible outstanding achievement.


Physical Low:
Your physical forces are at low tide with vitality and energy resources possibly drained. Fatigue is common. Rest, recuperation are important at this time. Your interest in or inclinations to physical, sexual activities are on the wane. In athletic activities, endurance is usually lessened. There is a lack of zest or spirit and a feeling of near exhaustion may follow performance. You may have "worn out" feelings in general during this time. Depressive tendencies may be present and must be resisted. There is a danger of overexertion if highs in the other cycles tend to override your feelings of physical low energy. Watch eating, drinking, as any overindulgence at this time is potentially dangerous.


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