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Calculate biorhythms
How to calculate biorhythms. All about the formulas.

At birth, the sinus-curves start to swing at the zero-point (going upwards). The length of the cycles varies:

CurveCycle Length
Physical *23 days 
Emotional *28 days 
Intellectual *33 days 
Spiritual 53 days 
Awareness48 days 
Aesthetic43 days 
Intuition38 days 

* Primary curves

The score depends on your age measured in days. When calculating the Age in Days the leap days of course have to be regarded. Also, the hour of birth and current time at the day may influence the result.

I recommend you calculate the age in days with at least one digit after the decimal point.


Score = 100 * sin ( 2*PI*(180/PI) *(Age in Days / Cycle Length))

EXAMPLE: Physical curve for somebody, who is 10000 days old today:
100 * sin ( 360 *(10000 / 23)) = 97%


Biorhythms Repeat
The primary curves will have the same state like birth exactly 23*28*33 = 21252 days after birth again. This will be at the age of 58 years, 2 months and about 7 days depending on the position of the leap years and length of the month.


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